Friday, January 1, 2010

Pete's Plumbing of Alpharetta Offers Emergency Plumbing Service

Pete's Plumbing can quickly and effectively handle your emergency plumbing repairs. They have plumbers standing by to provide professional and timely service. If you are experiencing a water leak don't wait for hours to get help. Water can cause untold damage to your home or office.

For Immediate Help Call Pete's Plumbing "Day or Night" at 770-442-3934

Owner "Julie Lippitt" has Plumbers on call 24 Hours a Day!

Broken pipes can quickly flood your home or office, causing significant damage to hard wood floors, carpet, sheet rock, baseboards and other wood trim. If left unattended for too long, standing or residual water can create unhealthy mold behind your sheet rock walls. In the unfortunate event you experience a plumbing related emergency, we encourage you to seek immediate help. The water damage and removal business is full of pitfalls for the unsuspecting homeowner or business suite tenant. Costs for water damage removal can truly be overwhelming and to use the words described by a close personal friend in Marietta who recently had his basement flood "Astronomical and Devastating to the family budget". We encourage you to seek out immediate help before the water truly becomes a calamity. Call Pete's Plumbing as they can quickly resolve your plumbing and water leak problems.  

Pete's Plumbing is a family owned business. We have been faithfully serving the Alpharetta community for more than 40 years. Rick and I live in the Alpharetta area, attend church in the community and have been contributors to many local events and charitable organizations. If you have a problem with your Plumbing, call us and we will ensure your problem is corrected in a timely, professional and cost effective manner. Avoid unscrupulous plumbers and side step the potential for price gouging. 

Pete's Plumbing is a family owned and operated company who has been operating in the Alpharetta, Buford, Cumming, Crabapple, Duluth, Marietta, Milton and Roswell area for many years. The owner of Pete's Plumbing is Julie Lippitt and she is truly a wonderful, caring, honest and extremely professional business owner. They will no doubt meet and exceed your expectations.

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